Special Event 6 - Garett Brennan

Special Event 09 October 2010 - Garett Brennan & the Great Salt Licks

Complete Album 44kHz (WAV):

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Complete Album 96kHz (WAV):

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Complete Album 2.8MHz (DSF):

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Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by
Cookie Marenco
ESE Logo Extended Sound Environment (E.S.E.)
Asst. Engineers: Patrick O'Connor, Mike Howles, Nik Logiotatidis
Photos by Nik Logiotatidis

Garett Brennan: guitar & vocals
Jon Neufeld: guitar & vocals
Will Amend: bass & vocals
Eben Dickinson: drum & vocals

Released 2010

Garett Brennan and The Great Salt Licks were in town for a show so we had them stop by for a live recording! You might remember him for his two songs on the Blue Coast Collection. Garett is fast becoming the new generation's Woodie Guthrie with sprinkles of Tom Waits influences.

These new songs were recorded live-in-the-studio to 2" analog multitrack tape and mixed to DSD (Direct Stream Digital) using the Sonoma System. We used the E.S.E. technique for recording.. no headphones, no overdubs, just real human dynamics. Spectacular!

You can check out more of Garett's recordings at GarettBrennan.DownloadsNOW.net and on the Blue Coast Collection or at GarettBrennan.com

Cookie Marenco, the Blue Coast Artists and the team (Patrick O'Connor, Mike Howles and Nik Logiotatidis) at Blue Coast Records sincerely thank you for showing your support for high quality music and performances!