Special Event 10 - Jenna Mammina & John R. Burr

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Produced by Cookie Marenco & Jenna Mammina

Jenna Mammina: Vocals
John R. Burr: Piano

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Cookie Marenco

ESE Logo Extended Sound Environment (E.S.E.)

Photo by J. Michael Tucker

Released 2011

Jenna Mammina and John R. Burr came to Blue Coast Studios to perform duets for Blue Coast Special Event 10. Delicate and bright, Jenna's voice is contrasted by John's skillful piano accompaniment. The fullness and depth of these recordings will captivate any listener. Blue Coast Special Event 10 was recorded with no headphones, overdubs or edits. The only thing you will hear is the pure talent and chemistry of Jenna and John.


I love recording Jenna and John. We've been recording together more than 10 years on various projects. Over the years, Jenna has talked about recording the songs of Abbey Lincoln and a few months ago, the project rose to top priority.

This duo recording is intended to be the basis of an album that would have strings, mandolin, accordion and other instruments. After hearing the vocal and piano tracks recorded live in the studio, it sounded so incredible, we wanted to release this early version without additional instrumentation.

The music is quite delicate, sparse and bare, meant for late evening relaxing in front of a fire. There have been no overdubs, no fixes or rerecording. Any anomalies you might hear are part of the challenges we face when recording at very soft volumes.

Please don't forget to listen to "When I'm Called Home". We've dedicated this songs to friends and family in far away places.

We love this recording and hope you do to.

Cookie Marenco
Blue Coast Records

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— Cookie Marenco
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