Blue Coast Collection 3

Songs We Love
Blue Coast Collection 3 - Cover Image

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Produced by Cookie Marenco
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Cookie Marenco
ESE LogoExtended Sound Environment (E.S.E.)

Assistant Engineers: Patrick O'Connor, Tim Jones, Sean Beresford
Graphic Design: Patrick O'Connor, Cookie Marenco
Cover Paining: "A Jewelled Web" by Fiona Joy

Finally a new collection of Songs We Love recorded in ESE without headphones or overdubs and featuring some of our favorite Blue Coast artists...

Meghan Andrews "Johnny Colorado" from Just Let Go
Tony Furtado "Angeline The Baker" from Special Event 22
Jenna Mammina & Rolf Sturm "Wicked Game" from Special Event 37
Blue Coast All-Stars "Rolling In The Deep" from All-Star Jam
Fiona Joy "Feeling Sunshine" from Into The Mist
Derek Jones featuring Jenna Mammina "You Were Always On My Mind" from Run With Me
Jenner Fox "Francine" from Jenner Fox
Garett Brennan "I Will Walk" (previously titled "Hold My Hand") from Special Event 26
Alex de Grassi "Shenandoah" from Special Event 19
John R. Burr "Mexico" from the Moonlight Ladies sessions