Quiles & Cloud | Live at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest

Quiles & Cloud | Live at Rocky Mountain Audio Fest - Cover Image

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Maria Quiles: Voice and Guitar
Rory Cloud: Voice and Guitar

Recorded by Takaaki Hashimoto on the Sony PCM-D100
Mixed and mastered by
Cookie Marenco

ESE LogoExtended Sound
Environment (E.S.E.)
Assistant Engineer: Patrick O'Connor

Cover Photo by Jerry Stachowski

Special Thanks to David Robinson of Positive Feedback for the use of his Pyramix system.

The chemistry that exists between Maria Quiles and Rory Cloud is magnified in this impressive collection of live recordings. Each song is a journey painted in touching lyrics as Maria sings of life experiences and emotional and spiritual travels alike. The vocal melodies and harmonies are balanced by soft and colorful acoustic guitar lines. Powerful hooks and reflective acoustic timbres are present in each composition, all of which are punctuated with passionate applause..